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"Life isn't about waiting for a storm to pass. It's about how to dance in the rain." -Vivian Greene

Welcome to the learning curve of self improvement.


We face different challenges at different stages of our lives. Like it or not, it's a reality we cannot escape. Whether they are small challenges or life changing challenges, learning how to face and overcome them will and should give us an experience that will help us become stronger and self assured.

Having been through several life's university of challenges (and most definitely more to come), I have created this website with the intention of sharing my thoughts on self improvement, motivations, life skills and positive thinking. This is also a self help resource guide with a collection of articles, books, inspirational quotes which I have amassed throught the years and will continue to do so.

Self Improvement article: Taking care of yourself

Many people spend their time being busy but few ever really feel satisfied and happy with their life. Taking care of you begins with loving yourself, not selfish love but taking care of our spiritual, mental and physical needs.

You can never take care of anyone truthfully until you take care of yourself first. The safety first video shown on a plane will always advise a parent to put the oxygen mask on themselves before doing it for their children. This is because the parent needs to be physically strong to help their children.

Taking care of your self is also about loving yourself. That means to remember to do things for yourself such as taking care of your physical body, your health and your spirituality. Only then can you effectively take care of other people.

Start your day with a positive attitude. Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are happy, beautiful and you are looking forward to the day ahead. Your positive attitude will help you ride through daily trials and will also create a positive influence on the people you meet.

Many of us self talk and negative self talk such as words that demean ourselves makes us miserable. Have positive self talk when you made a mistake or come across an obstacle. Tell yourself that you will be able to overcome it, you have the skills to solve the problems, and there will be a positive outcome. Do not attempt to criticise yourself in such a way as destroying your self esteem. Learn to praise yourself when you are doing something right.

Learn to say No and do not compromised your beliefs to please others. Saying Yes when you want to say No will make you unhappy. This unhappiness stays in your mind and can be emotionally damaging. You should be able to stand for your own beliefs especially when your intentions are good.

Take time off for yourself. Take a walk along the beach or take a deserving break. Indulge in a spa or your favourite sport to rejuvenate your mind and keep your body healthy.

Eat properly and healthily. Nourishing our body with healthy food not only keep us away from ailments, it also help maintain a healthy mind.

Do the things that you enjoy even if it is simple things like a bubble bath, a nice meal or going to the theatre.

Create quiet time for yourself to go through your goals and aspirations. Such times are vital for you to access your current situation, to design your next level of self fulfilment and to nourish yourself with knowledge.

Taking care of yourself does not mean that you don’t take care of others. In fact they are interlinked. When you have effectively taken care of yourself, you will be in a better position take care of others both mentally and physically.

Let yourself go, replenish your soul and nourish your body. You deserve it. 


Inspirational Quote of the month

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

- Dr. Seuss

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Life Skill Tips of the month

Harness your creative power

Think logically and then laterally. Sometimes the most creative idea start from a logical analysis and then expand it laterally, look at all variations and think outside the box. Keep an open mind, do not restrict your viewpoint, never discard any ideas and avoid people who are negative.

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