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Films and how it can have a positive effect on your life


Have you ever felt energised after watching a film? Suddenly whatever that is troubling you, doesn't seem difficult anymore. This is one of the positive effect of films.

In the film Groundhog Day, a weatherman discover that he have to go through the same day over and over again. It was not until he accepted his situation and start to make positive changes, he could finally move on to a brand new day.

Films and movies can have positive effect on us; the viewers and there are several aspects of its influence. They are:

1.Films like books expand our views about the world. We visit places on screen, discover cultural differences and practices. Sometimes they help shed our prejudices and improve our understanding about a country or a race. I was enthralled by the wild safari in Out of Africa, the scenic route of Europe in The Italian Job and the magnificent landscape in Seven Years in Tibet.

2.A film about human triumphant in spite of adversities gives us hope. We recognised the emotional trauma experienced by Christy Brown in the film, My Left Foot and at the same time we felt uplifted by his achievements as a successful writer. We can also relate the challenges of family life in The Other Sister; it makes us ponder about our attitudes towards certain situation and person.

3. Forrest Gump was a simple man. He didn’t become a successful business person due to his intelligence but it was his perseverance and good intentions that paved way to his success. Films like this tell us that we do not have to possess high IQ or be scheming to become successful. In fact, it reminds us on the importance of having good integrity and good intention. 

4.Sometimes, highly intelligent men need help too. In the film, Good Will Hunting, the main character has a gift for mathematics but didn’t know he needs guidance to manifest this gift and find direction in his life. This aspect of the film address the fact that irrespective of our level of intelligence, we all need some help at some point of our life.

5.Through the years, films have brought to light hidden issues such as sexual harassment, homosexuality and HIV. The film Disclosure has opened up cases of real life sexual harassment charges. We now have a better understanding about HIV through the film, Philadelphia and the plight of gay couples in Prayers for Bobby.


I have watched Groundhog Day many times. My initially reaction to this film was the irritation of its repeated screening on TV. However, as I set aside my annoyance and open my mind to this film, I began to see the positive effect and it was different every time. The film had taught me about having good intention in whatever I do and the courage to change my attitude and values for the better.

The type of positive effect a film has on you could be different from mine.You could feel enlightened, assured and confident or you could have clarity in thoughts. It is dependant on our state of mind at that moment and our perception of certain life issues. Whatever it is, you will know it when it happens.


Inspirational Quote of the month

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

- Dr. Seuss

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Life Skill Tips of the month

Harness your creative power

Think logically and then laterally. Sometimes the most creative idea start from a logical analysis and then expand it laterally, look at all variations and think outside the box. Keep an open mind, do not restrict your viewpoint, never discard any ideas and avoid people who are negative.

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