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How to find the right motivation and self improvement book and program?


Sow the Seeds of Success, the journey begins here. Knowing what I know now , I would have save myself all the time and money looking for ways to build self confidence, be happy and successful in life.

The Law of Success start with the right seeds!

In recent years, we have seen an emergence of self improvement, motivational books and programs written by people who have claimed to be an expert in this field based on their own experience. I am sure they have all earned their place to be an expert in their field of success theory but I have learned through years of research that not all of them are suitable for me. So what is the right motivational, self improvement book and program for me?

I believe the journey of searching for the Seed of Success start with ourselves. Ask yourself these questions :

  • What do you want to address in your life right now.  
  • Which aspect of your life do you want to change or improve.  
  • Are you looking into build self confidence, being happy, be successful in your career, your life.  
  • Can you relate to the author's experience? Find out about the author's bio, inspirations and philosophy to decide if he is the right mentor for you.  
  • Decide what you want the book or program to do for you, will it be a book or a program to guide you through the journey of self improvement.  
  • Lastly, beware of quick fix books and programs, self improvement takes time and need careful nurturing, it doesn't happened overnight.  

After you have address the above questions, the next thing to do is

  • Draw out your goal/s.  
  • State your intention for wanting to achieve that goal. It is important to know your intentions as it help to remind you to stay on course especially when you come across obtacles or become demoralised. 

Looking for the self improvement/motivational program or books will become easier when you addressed the above questions, set your goals and identify your intentions. You do not have to waste any more time and money scouring and trying different books and programs anymore.

Is there a right motivation and self improvement book and program for me?

The internet have made it easy to find the right motivational/self improvement books and programs. Many books and programs can now be downloaded electronically, mainly through ebooks which you can then decide if you would want to print them onto paper, it have proven to be an economical option and you will get to read the book usually within the hour.

Yes, you will be able to find the right motivation, self improvement book and program when you are clear about what you want to achieve!

The right motivation and self improvement ideas will only be useful if it fit your situation and answer the above questions. It must aim to solve that particular problem in your life right now.


As we all know the road to success and happiness can be a uphill task but it is achievable. It is important to always keep focus on your goals and your intentions.


Inspirational Quote of the month

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

- Dr. Seuss

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Life Skill Tips of the month

Harness your creative power

Think logically and then laterally. Sometimes the most creative idea start from a logical analysis and then expand it laterally, look at all variations and think outside the box. Keep an open mind, do not restrict your viewpoint, never discard any ideas and avoid people who are negative.

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